Sorotan dari wawancara ini termasuk kematian poker kelas menengah, kisah asli freeroll, dua grand slam dalam inning yang sama, karir yang terputus karena cedera, kuliah di Vegas, menginjak air di Meksiko, mendorong ke atas roll oleh Jason Koon, kasir Oregon, ‘Jobs ‘poker, kehilangan EV besar-besaran dari Erik Seidel, pembuat taruhan olahraga yang enggan, menghabiskan setengah […]

Lulusan Ohio State melakukan ini sepanjang waktu sebagai komentator utama WPT dan merupakan suara poker untuk seluruh generasi penggemar poker. Sexton dan co-host Vince Van Patten berada di mikrofon untuk hampir setiap acara WPT dari tahun 2002 hingga kepergiannya dari stan pada Mei 2017. Sejak itu ia menjabat sebagai Ketua partypoker. “Saya sangat bangga dilantik […]

Jutawan kasino Sheldon Adelson sedang diselidiki oleh Departemen Kehakiman AS atas tuduhan pencucian uang dalam menangani akun penjudi besar. Dikutip oleh Bloomberg, Departemen Kehakiman AS pada bulan Januari mengeluarkan panggilan dewan juri kepada mantan kepala petugas kepatuhan Marina Bay Sands tentang fasilitas pencucian uang dan semua penyalahgunaan kontrol keuangan internal. Jaksa meminta kepada mantan Ketua […]

Horseshoe Hammond adalah satu-satunya kasino yang mengumumkan rencana pembukaan kembali, tetapi yang lain kemungkinan akan bergabung dengan tren ini dan membuat pengumuman dalam waktu dekat. Rencana Holcomb mencabut semua pembatasan pada fase lima, yang jatuh pada akhir pekan tanggal 4 Juli, di mana kasino akan beroperasi dengan kapasitas penuh. Itu semua bisa berubah dengan data […]

Mark Gregorich telah mencari nafkah dengan bermain permainan uang dengan batas tinggi sejak pertengahan 90-an, tetapi sebelumnya mengikuti jejak orang tuanya, bekerja sebagai guru sekolah menengah. Ketika pemotongan anggaran membuat dia kehilangan pekerjaannya, dia memutuskan untuk pindah ke Las Vegas, tempat dia bekerja sejak itu. Gregorich, yang dianggap oleh rekan-rekannya sebagai salah satu pemain terbaik […]

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I really enjoyed reading Irene Edith’s poker resolution on the December 12 issue of GamingToday. And I told him so. In his resolution he offers some phenomenal opinions for poker players looking to improve their results at the table. I can hardly do. Let me make a few comments. • While Irene’s resolution to “avoid […]

So poker is really very fun to open at a Trusted Online Poker Game agent because indeed by playing poker online, you can play gambling really comfortably and safely without worrying about some problems such as police officers and others. You can play gambling on your cellphone, of course. This is a breakthrough that really […]

Talking about being involved in a popular online domino dealer on the Internet, of course, you can get quite a lot of some of the ceme gambling agent sites that are spread on the Internet. but you need to know that not all online domino ceme gambling agents on the internet can indeed be trusted […]

The trusted DominoQQ site adds rewards to its members as long as they follow valid procedures. The advantages of playing on a well-known site. The same is placed for the DominoQQ domain in Indonesia, which strengthens the latest system and a number of bonuses that really give satisfaction. the bonus streak adds to the enthusiasm […]

several tricks that can be done, namelyOpponent AnalysisTo get the maximum benefit of Ceme online, at every opportunity you must pay attention to the opportunity value of the card carried by the dealer and other players. Until the bet amount entered can match, minimizing losses. QuietEvery decision must be based on calmness, whether you are […]

Specialist poker players as well as beginners enjoy the great sport of poker. This is what makes them keep returning to the table, whether the table is still in the form of a PC monitor or maybe real green. This is the fun of the game. The real competition is a combination of hockey, expertise […]

The game of poker is just a casino game that is very likely You compete with other players and You must beat other players to win. Poker is a psychological game, if you can get a psychological advantage in playing the game, you can win even if you do not have the best hand. You […]

Finding the best and most trusted DominoQQ site is indeed tricky. This is because the site is scattered in cyberspace. Therefore, it takes a selective character and careful selection. After finding, having an account and playing games in it, sometimes someone is still blocked by something. Like rarely winning bets. How do you feel when […]

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Overcoming AA in the hole was quite rare and only one in 221 hands. On average, you might expect to see two Aces in the hole around one session. Don’t waste that “gift”. Take the AA in your hands and take good care of it, while – at the same time – trying to make […]

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There is no BOT in the Capsa Susun game. Another important thing we can give is the problem with the players in it, you might be thinking what on online gambling sites using automatic bots. Well, here we explain a little if not all online gambling sites use automatic bots, only a few use them […]

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This past week, I went to a local casino and had the worst video poker session I have had in years. I played the Double Double Bonus on the Multi-Strike machine and I had no luck from start to finish. To win at Double Double, you must earn Bonus Quads. To win in Multi-Strike, you’ll […]

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Casinos are sure to ask, what can we do to prevent the spread of the virus? In legal terms, they will ask, what is sufficient to avoid liability for negligence if we are sued by virus-infected protectors on our premises? As a first-year law student could tell you, neglect arises when you fail to perform […]

It’s the inequality between (her) Park Avenue life and (my) street park life. But this is not a lot of narrative about Richar, hence it is a table game he made about 3 years ago with David Moss who lives every day on his royal estate. This week (his ideas for Thursday) will legally be […]

Online poker often gets a bad rap, especially in the workplace, but it may be just a thing to reduce stress and increase productivity and morale. Many think that gaming, mobile gaming, in particular, is only popular among the younger demographic. Statistics show that adults between the ages of 25 and 44 play the most […]

Since casino games are based on gambling, there can definitely be some myths about some games as some people believe a lot of their luck when they go to gambling. It is difficult to convince a number of people accordingly that tactics and experience are important when we are there to become winners of casino […]

Leigh Montagna has lifted the lid on Ross Lyon’s strategy leading up to one of the most famous Grand Final moments in recent history.More than 20 minutes had passed in a repeat of the 2010 Grand Final when Nick Riewoldt marked the ball in the net and looked confident of St Kilda’s first major hit […]

Tactics are ideas that you prepare initially to increase your chances of success. If you want to make the most of your gambling, you need to be very vigilant about your tactics and ideas. You have to make real-life directions for your success. , don’t put that money on a bet you can’t cure. There […]

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Don’t be intimidated by your opponent’s poker chips rack – Playing a competitive game like poker helps to have as much information as possible about your opponent. You’re at your favorite casino and sitting at a low-limit Texas hold’em table where you recognize some of your potential foes because you’ve been playing against them recently. […]

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It’s better to be good than lucky at the poker table – you may remember from last week’s column that GT reader Jay Bingham, a very experienced California poker player, originally emailed me about his disagreement with my point of view on the relationship between skill and luck in the game. poker as revealed in […]

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Three bets on a raise from Andrew Wlison – Michelle “CallTheFloor” Roberts’ trip to this event has ended brutally. He takes the pocket king on the small blind and gets an all-in against Yaniv Bohadana, only to see that he’s up against a pocket ace. The pair survived and Roberts was awarded $ 29,898 for […]