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Finding the best and most trusted DominoQQ site is indeed tricky. This is because the site is scattered in cyberspace. Therefore, it takes a selective character and careful selection. After finding, having an account and playing games in it, sometimes someone is still blocked by something. Like rarely winning bets.

How do you feel when playing DominoQQ and having to swallow the losing pill continuously? Sad for sure! Therefore, here, we will give a little tutorial about so that you can win easily. What is that?

  1. Table and Bench of Fortune
    For this tutorial to win playing DominoQQ, it is clear that you have to try out one table and bench there. However, there are unique steps to get it easily. Namely, choose a pattern of conflict. For example, you want to play on an even bench, so you have to choose an odd number of tables. Also the opposite.
  2. Move Tables
    With regards to luck at the first point, of course it does not close the opportunity for players to switch tables in an intensive way. Do this step if you have experienced continuous defeat. With this step, you can find the right luck that will help you win
  3. Tutorial Fold
    The 3rd tutorial to win playing DominoQQ is to understand and apply the Fold tutorial correctly. You can use this step if the card you received is not good. This step is not risky, but don’t keep using it because you will get a safe player brand from other players because you often play it safe by folding.
  4. Don’t Force Yourself
    Don’t even force the situation to play. If things are not in the mood to play, it’s better not to play. When the mood switches in the middle of the game too, it’s best to pause the game for a moment. A bad mood will only provoke emotions that cause you to lose.
  5. Understand and Master the Game
    Tutorial to win playing DominoQQ, then understand and master the game. If you understand and master the site and the games in it, you can guarantee that the games you play will run smoothly without any problems.
    To understand and master the game you can get it from several sources. First from the internet, browsers like Google, Opera Mini, and others. The two experiences of a. There is a chat feature for players to connect with other players. You can use it to gain new knowledge or experience.
  6. Recognizing Some Characteristics of Players
    There are very many player characters, from safe players, players like to bully, and others. The tutorial to win playing BAMBUQQ this opportunity is related to that. To be able to recognize it, you only need to pay attention to every enemy’s movements. Use targets so that you pay attention so you don’t get tired of your eyes because you pay attention to several players one by one.
  7. Stage by Phase
    Well, the last is to do a few steps for a few steps. Don’t do it all with big stakes because you only want big profits. Therefore, start very small first. Until the credit or chips you have can be optimally used. This way, you can play multiple rounds. If you make a big bet right away, it doesn’t guarantee that you will actually pay it.












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