Leigh Montagna has lifted the lid on Ross Lyon’s strategy leading up to one of the most famous Grand Final moments in recent history.
More than 20 minutes had passed in a repeat of the 2010 Grand Final when Nick Riewoldt marked the ball in the net and looked confident of St Kilda’s first major hit of the day.

But Heath Shaw “held it up like a Librarian,” as commentator Dennis Cometti put it, and the ball was rushed back to poker88.

This set the tone for the day when Collingwood escaped the winner with 56 points. The Saints did not have a goal in their first term.

Speaking on The Fox Week, The Extra Week, which will air at 6 p.m. on Friday, Montagna described how Riewoldt finding space close to the goal is all part of a grand plan to force the Magpies into a football version of the off-side trap. soccer.

“I remember from a tactical point of view – especially me and Adam Schneider – we played as high forward,” said Montagna.

“We talked a lot that week with the coaches. We felt as though we needed to score more to beat Collingwood. They are a strong defensive team that press very high.

“We talked about trying to get them out of the back and the goal, almost like it was a trap outside of football. Getting behind the defense is what we think is our best chance to score. Looking back it didn’t work that way and I have a pretty mundane replay.

“Ironically, our first chance in goal worked perfectly. Schneids and I were both involved in the back of the Collingwood defense and Nick Riewoldt was on goal alone.

“It’s quite well known what happened after that. The librarian approached her and clamped the feet. It worked flawlessly and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do. “

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