I predict that tournaments won’t be offered in Nevada as long as Gaming Board restrictions exist. The World Series of Poker announced that they have postponed this year’s series, potentially until fall. Unfortunately, my guess is that there won’t be a 2020 WSOP for all of the above reasons, unless of course the player count restriction is lifted in the next few months.

I predict that online poker will become much more popular in the following year. The reason is clear. Hopefully our MPs will legalize online poker in more countries as they realize that it is safer for people to be able to play in the safety of their homes, without physical human interaction and without needing to touch the chips and visit cards of Lidewapoker

I predict that the games will be much more difficult when they start again. Many “social” players don’t want to play under the limits or at least need some time before venturing into poker, leaving more serious players to fight. Also, people are creatures of habit and if they are accustomed to not playing poker for recreation, they can adopt other pastimes and not so fast to return to the table where most of them have lost players. In addition, serious players have time during isolation to learn and improve their game.

I predict there will be many new home games. Players who love poker but don’t want to play short hands will find that home games are an acceptable option until the poker rooms are up again.

Only time will tell how this will happen, but I definitely miss the competition of poker, the social aspects of poker, and the journey associated with poker. I want to hear what you think about the future of poker in the short and long term.

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