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I really enjoyed reading Irene Edith’s poker resolution on the December 12 issue of GamingToday. And I told him so. In his resolution he offers some phenomenal opinions for poker players looking to improve their results at the table. I can hardly do. Let me make a few comments. • While Irene’s resolution to “avoid […]

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Overcoming AA in the hole was quite rare and only one in 221 hands. On average, you might expect to see two Aces in the hole around one session. Don’t waste that “gift”. Take the AA in your hands and take good care of it, while – at the same time – trying to make […]

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There is no BOT in the Capsa Susun game. Another important thing we can give is the problem with the players in it, you might be thinking what on online gambling sites using automatic bots. Well, here we explain a little if not all online gambling sites use automatic bots, only a few use them […]

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This past week, I went to a local casino and had the worst video poker session I have had in years. I played the Double Double Bonus on the Multi-Strike machine and I had no luck from start to finish. To win at Double Double, you must earn Bonus Quads. To win in Multi-Strike, you’ll […]

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Slow down is a form of deception often used by skilled players in Texas hold’em games. Its only purpose is to help build the size of the pot. Best to use when you have very strong hands – especially if they’re nuts. Say you play limit Hold’em $ 4- $ 8, and are dealt pocket […]

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Casinos are sure to ask, what can we do to prevent the spread of the virus? In legal terms, they will ask, what is sufficient to avoid liability for negligence if we are sued by virus-infected protectors on our premises? As a first-year law student could tell you, neglect arises when you fail to perform […]