As someone who reviews new casino game ideas regularly, I’ve seen my share of some really bad ideas.

It gets really funny when the inventor’s bad idea includes a sales pitch that involves telling me how to knock Three Card Poker off the perch or how their game will have hundreds of tables in a year.

For those of you who have read my columns over the years, you know I’m a big fan of the Mets (tough year!) Visit JoniQQ. Can you imagine if Amed Rosario climbed into the majors and started spewing how he would win more gold gloves than Ozzie Smith and steal more bases than Rickey Henderson? The child had skills in this area, but the chances of him achieving any of those feats were still heavy. Now imagine if it was a Wilmer Flores (mediocre glove, no speed) who boasted the same thing!

Even if a game has a chance of being successful at a casino, boasting that it will bring out the most successful game of all time is utterly absurd. It took Three Card Poker years to get started. I think the shortest time for any base game to reach 100 tables is around 2-3 years. So when you’re trying to tell me how your game will hit the hundreds by the end of the year (even if it’s March!) You’re not just blowing smoke, you’re probably smoking something!

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