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Three bets on a raise from Andrew Wlison – Michelle “CallTheFloor” Roberts’ trip to this event has ended brutally. He takes the pocket king on the small blind and gets an all-in against Yaniv Bohadana, only to see that he’s up against a pocket ace. The pair survived and Roberts was awarded $ 29,898 for the seventh show.

Yucheng Xiao three all-in bets on top of Andrew Wlison’s raise to roughly six big blinds holding A 10 Club Suit Diamonds. Wilson calls with Q Heart Suits6 Heart Suits and boards out Q Spades Suits J Club Suits9 Heart Suits2 Club Suits Q Diamond Suits and Wilson makes a trip queen to lower pots. Xiao earned $ 42,282 as a sixth place finisher.

Espen Jorstad is the next one to visit Giatqq. He got an all-in with pocket sixes against pocket jacks from Bohadana. Boahada dropped a set and held on from there to leave Jorstad on the crumbs. He was eliminated shortly after in fifth place ($ 59,796).

When the final table got under way, Britain’s Andrew Wilson held the chip lead, with Yaniv Bohadana second and Uselis sitting next. Nicolau Villa Lobos is the shortest stacks, and he finally reached the first fence when his Q Diamond Suit Q Wailed to win against Yucheng Xiao’s 10 Diamond Suit A and Q Spade Suit Uselis Club 10 Club Suit. Xiao knocked out the ace pair and held off from there to send Villa Lobos packing with $ 14,949 as a ninth place finisher.

Andrew Wilson continued to give his lead by beating Silviya Kaymakchieva in fourth place. Kaymakchieva pushed from the button with A Heart Suit 8 Diamond Suit for the big curtain and Wilson called with J Heart Suit J Club Suit from the big curtain. Kaymakchieva did not improve and was discharged with $ 84,564.

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