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This past week, I went to a local casino and had the worst video poker session I have had in years. I played the Double Double Bonus on the Multi-Strike machine and I had no luck from start to finish.

To win at Double Double, you must earn Bonus Quads. To win in Multi-Strike, you’ll need your Four of a Kinds to appear at a higher level. Well, I certainly don’t get much of a Four of a Kind Bonus and the little I get in Quads is in the bottom two tiers for the most part.

To add to my woes, it looks like I’ve gotten more than 4-Card Straight and 4-Card Flushes and can’t turn many of them into paying hands. Looks like I didn’t get enough Tall Pairs either. In Multi-Strike, where you must have a winning hand to move up the ladder, the High Pairs are the key to going up.

Ironically, I stayed on track and got killed. If I deviated from the normal strategy, would I have done better? There is no way to know for sure. In my little session it is possible that I have it.

Maybe holding those Low Pairs rather than 4-Card Flush will earn me Bonus Quads. In a two-hour session consisting of several hundred hands, anything is possible. However, if I stray from strategy and hit some of those big hands, will this cause me to deviate from strategy the next time I play?

When did you decide to turn aside? Only when the engine is “cold”? But past 100 hands or past 100 hands or past 1,000 hands have no impact on the next hand, the next 100 hands or the next 1,000 hands.

The point is I had a bad / cold session. It happened. Math tells us it will. I’ve been on fire for the last month. I just returned my winnings. I play a game that pays under 100%. I am stupid to believe that I can win in the long run. My goal is to have fun and play as close as possible to theoretical returns over time. Along the way, get cash back, some products, some free buffets, etc. That’s why I analyze games for live and play video poker for fun.

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