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Why would a player want to know 17, Now that may be strange for some of you. Why would a player want to show 17? Well, 17 is just an ordinary hand, especially if you are looking at the dealer 8, 9, 10 / Face or Ace. With 17, you can only win if the bookie (and for that matter, not with 22). The 18s are a little better, but they still leave something to be desired when the dealer has 9, 10 / faces or an Ace.

You disagree on an 18 when the dealer has a 5, but if he has a 10, you know you’re sitting there feeling utterly helpless. So, by the time we finished, we had the idea players could “zap” hands from 15 to 18. Mathematically, it worked out well.

We can leave all the basic blackjack rules in place. You can still multiply plus get paid 3 to 2 on blackjack visit dewapoker (if it is two real cards). You can divide and then multiply. We have a relatively simple set of rules. Players can ask the dealer for two new cards if they are built 15, 16, 17 or 18. And, enough strategy is involved to make a draw.

The player has to zap all 15 and 17. That’s right – even 17 vs 6. Yes, you might end up with 15, but that’s a little worse than 17. You might also end up with a simple double down or split or 20 odds! You also have to change all 8 vs dealer 7 wishes. You split it. As for 18 – you hit the dealer 9, 10 / Face or Ace.

If you zap properly and vice versa play a hit / stick strategy proper for a game of push 22, it should take around 99%. It is slightly lower than regular blackjack, but you may find it a little more fun because there will be a little more action than regular blackjack.

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